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-How long is my plane going to be down? The last guy took a month to finish my annual!

Having your plane sit is really irritating and I understand that.

When I schedule your annual I block off an entire week to get it completed. Typically I'm done in three to four days and I like to have that extra time in case we come across any hiccups.


I only work on one annual at a time. That means when I'm performing your annual you are my only customer and I am totally focused on getting your plane airworthy. 


You will not get buried in the back of my shop while I take on more customers. I'm motivated to get you back in the air. 


I do not send an invoice until you have a logbook entry from me. 


Obviously, there's always exceptions and we may be waiting on a part or vendor to complete a tricky squawk. Having said that you don't need to worry about becoming a victim rusting away in the hangar forever. I don't take airplanes hostage. I get you in and back out as soon and safely as possible.


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