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-I don't have a hangar. Do you perform annuals on tie-downs?

Sorry, I don't perform annuals or most of my work unless it's in a hangar (I will perform pre-buy's outside!)

The reality is my annuals are extensive and require a minimum of three days to complete. It's simply not safe for your aircraft be left opened up to the elements that long. Working on the tie-downs also creates a significant FOD risk as well.


I don't have a blanket ban on working on the tie-downs, however it is something I like to avoid. 


The good news is I have a hangar available for local annuals that you can fly to at no extra charge!

Keep in mind I like to schedule an annual for an entire week, and if we finish early, great! If we need extra time we're not in a rush. I work on one plane at a time, so you will be my singular priority while your aircraft is in my hangar. (And I don't send a bill until the work is complete!)


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