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"Can you work on my airplane?"
After spending over a decade in aviation working on everything from the world's largest private fleet of Marchetti SF-260's to Airbus A-320's, to I.C.P. Savannah's to Boing 777's to Lockheed U-2's to Schweizer gliders, I've probably seen your aircraft type before.

Of course Cessnas and Pipers are the overwhelmingly ubiquitous models and those are the aircraft I'm most familiar with. If that's your plane, this FAQ page isn't for you. 

Dear Cirrus folks: YES, I can competently service your aircraft! I have a strong relationship with Gryphon at F70 and would direct you there for involved and invasive work. They're the best!

I can address your on-field needs like battery charging, oil and tire changes, and other routine maintenance. I don't pretend to be a Cirrus facility and also I'm very familiar with the plane.

YES! I know what an Ercoupe is! I know Vernon and I speak your language. I know the difference between an Ercoupe and an Aircoupe. I know the Fred Weick approved way to pronounce Ercoupe and I'm a member of EOC

Where's my Navion friends at? I'm here to help!

Dear Mooney people: I spend way too much updating their manuals each year. But yes, I'll work on your plane.

I have been very fortunate to work on a wide array of aircraft. My career has exposed me to a crazy amount of different airplanes.

I don't pretend to be an expert in any particular model or brand. I know some oddballs! And also I will never sign off on something I'm not familiar with.

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