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-What is included in your pre-buy inspection?

The flat rate price for my pre-buy inspection includes the following:

-Extensive logbook research to discover the history and maintenance issues of the aircraft throughout its life.
I look at logbooks the way a detective looks at a crime scene. What may appear to be complete and documented history to a laymen is like a fingerprint and DNA analysis to me. 

I spot illegal, unapproved repairs and bogus maintenance all the time. I typically spend over four hours on logbook research alone. You need to know what you're buying!

-Complete AD (airworthiness directives) compliance research for airframe, engine, and propeller.
For those new to aviation an AD is, to put it in automotive terms, similar to a recall on your car. The difference is these AD's are issued by the FAA and compliance is mandatory. 

All aircraft have AD's issued against them, it's part of aviation life. What matters is these AD's have been properly complied with, and if so, that compliance was documented correctly in the maintenance record.

All AD's are unique. Some are expensive, some are complicated, some are one-time, some require annual compliance or some have thousands of hours between compliance times. 

What you need to know is that I review the records to determine the current status of the three major components to determine significant issues that are upcoming, haven't been complied with yet, or will be a recurring addition to the cost of ownership.

-Detailed physical inspection of the aircraft.
I visit the aircraft in person and typically spend roughly five to six hours going over the plane from top to bottom and front to back. I look in the engine compartment, under the floorboards, the empennage, the spars and wing attach points, and just about anywhere I can get a mirror and flashlight into.

Sorry, I do not perform retractable gear swings during a pre-buy. What I do evaluate is the landing gear condition, pump visual condition, and review the wheel wells and various components for signs of wear and maladjustment.

I take hundreds of pictures on each inspection and include the most relevant ones in the report.

-Cylinder Borescope.
I borescope the cylinders to check the condition of the valves and cylinder walls. This procedure can uncover tens of thousands of dollars in potential repairs that a compression check will not find.

-Comprehensive Report
When I've completed the inspection I provide you an exhaustive report including digital pictures and a list of discrepancies. I note which items are airworthy and which items need to be addressed going forward.
While I don't offer a guarantee on this, it's very common for me to uncover enough discrepancies that cover the cost (including travel fees) of my inspection. My reports frequently assist my clients in negotiating a more favorable price. 

What matters here though is you can now make an informed decision about what exactly you're investing in. 

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