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What SoCal Airports do you service? How far will you drive? How much do you charge to travel?

Note: This page is for local services. I perform Pre-Buy's in all 50 states! Click here to learn about that.


Any airport within 50 driving miles of KSNA is my "Local Service Area."

This includes KAJO, KCCB, KFUL, KLGB, KPOC, KRAL, KREI, KRIR, KTOA, and probably some I'm forgetting*. 


(No travel fees for KSNA but working there is complicated. Please contact me for more info.)

If your aircraft is at any of those airports you can stop reading. There are no travel fees.

Any airport from 51-99 miles from KSNA adds a $50 travel fee to cover fuel/travel time. (Yes I go to L35!)

Airports 100-150 miles include a travel fee charged at the the federal mileage rate, to and from, plus $20.

Airports 151 miles and above will be provided a quote before we start work.


Every job is unique and I can't list them all here and there are exceptions to what I've already listed. Sometimes it's cheaper to drive than fly, but not always.


This page is intended to offer pricing transparency and provide you an idea of what my services cost. You will have a written quote prior to work commencing.

If you need a Pre-Buy in another state click here for travel pricing.



*Happy to head over to KAVX but you either provide transportation or cover actual costs (no markup) for me and my tools getting there and back.

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