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-Are you a Certified CorrosionX Aircraft Treatment Center?



I was formerly the shop foreman at an FBO that is listed as a CorrosionX Aircraft Treatment Center. That's where I learned this skill and the benefits of corrosion control in airplanes. 

When I launched my own business I reached out to CorrosionX about becoming an authorized representative for their product since I knew it and believed in it. 

Essentially being listed as an approved treatment center involves a fee. That's it. There's no special manufacturer training, no special inside knowledge. Just a fee. 

That was a few years ago so if things have changed over there I'm happy to come on board! I really do like this stuff.


Having said that the answer is I can spray your plane competently and there is no benefit to having an "Aircraft Treatment Center" perform this job instead of me. I'm still an IA, I'm still insured, I still use the exact same equipment and the exact same technique as Approved Treatment Centers do and you get the same logbook entry you'd get at any FBO.

I have all the knowledge and training and experience available to FBO's with that "qualification."

The best part is I come to you!

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