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-I need a ferry permit. Can you come over and sign it for me?

With ADS-B finally being the law of the land I've been getting more and more calls requesting ferry permits from owners who didn't meet the deadline and are trying to get their plane moved. There seems to be some confusion surrounding ferry permits and how the process works. 

The pilots that call me seem to have the impression that IA's carry around a "Ferry Permit Notebook," almost like a doctors prescription pad, and assume IA's simply write a note in a logbook and send the happy owner on their way.


In reality only the FAA can issue ferry permits (or "Special Flight Permits" as they're officially known).


There are a few ways to get the FAA to issue one, but they all require some form of inspection. In some cases the FAA will send their own ASI inspector to go through your plane and logbooks. Sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon!


Alternatively, you can hire an A&P to provide you with a logbook entry stating a few things, but namely that the aircraft is safe for the intended flight. Note: This entry is not stating the plane is airworthy, only that it is safe to fly. (If the plane were airworthy you wouldn't need a ferry permit!)

Depending on the need for the ferry permit, this inspection can be as simple as a very thorough walk-around and is not intended to find squawks, but rather just making sure your wings aren't going to fall off on your brief trip. What is important is the disposition of your AD's. 

The FAA will not issue a SFP if there is an existing AD that requires compliance "prior to further flight."


As you may know, all AD's have compliance requirements, and some allow you X amount of flight hours, or even calendar times before you must comply. Some AD's mandate that the safety concern is addressed immediately prior to flight.


If there is an outstanding AD with this requirement the FAA will deny the ferry permit. 


Once these items are addressed I can provide you with the required FAA Form and logbook entry, and help you navigate through the submission process.


Additionally there are insurance concerns that I can help you out with to make sure your ferry flight goes smoothly and legally. 


Ferry permits can be a painless event, but they're not as simple as writing a note. 



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