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I know someone that got CorrosionX sprayed and then rivets fell out of their wing!

It's true that rivets have been known to fall out or become loose after a CorrosionX treatment. That's a good thing!


Is CorrosionX to blame for this?  Yes!


The reality is if your rivets become loose after a CorrosionX treatment it means they were only being held in place by oxidation and weren't actually doing their job anymore. It means the CorrosionX solution has destroyed the corrosion and exposed a problem that already existed. It did not "eat away" your rivet, it removed the gunk holding your rivet in place.


Loose rivets are proof that CorrosionX works!

If you notice loose rivets after treatment point them out to your A&P to have them properly replaced. 


This was a serious issue that existed before treatment. CorrosionX made it apparent before something bad happened.

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