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What's included in an Annual Inspection?


"Annual Inspection" can mean different things to different people, so here's a rundown of what's included in my price:

-Approved Data: All inspections are performed referencing the manufacturers checklist specific to your airframe, engine, and propeller. I have an extensive library of approved service manuals, including vintage planes!

-Preventative Maintenance: 

   -Oil and filter change (including cutting open the filter for inspection) 

   -Compression test

   -Spark plug cleaning and inspection (including complimentary new gaskets)

   -Spark plug testing, including resistance test

   -Battery charging

   -ELT inspection and test

   -Complete airframe and flight control lubrication per manufacturers service manual

       (Your A&P is squirting LPS2 on everything, aren't they? Yeah, that's wrong. Don't do it.)

   -Brake Inspection

   -Garter filter replacement (complimentary filter)

   -Instrument filter replacement if due

   -Air filter replacement


(Price does not include parts. My price on parts is reasonable and basically covers my cost of researching, ordering, shipping, etc. Parts are not a money maker for me. I don't charge a whole lot more than what you see at Spruce. BONUS: I order the right parts the first time and do all the work for you in finding the parts and picking them up. (I don't mind if you want to get your own oil and filter, but beyond that I've had too many experiences of owners supplying the wrong part which just creates more work for me.)


-Complete AD research and documentation:  I will provide you with a completed AD Compliance report that meets the requirements outlined in CFR 91.417. Note that the FAA requires the owner to maintain a record of existing and previous AD compliance that is separate and distinct from the logbook entries maintenance personnel enter into the logbooks.

Those yellowed papers stapled to the back of your logbooks with AD's listed in chicken scratch and "C/W" scribbled next to them really doesn't cut it and more than likely isn't current.


If you don't have an up-to-date record documenting applicable AD's, how they were complied with, who complied with them, when they were complied with (and in the case of recurring AD's; when they are due again) your aircraft is technically not airworthy. 

-AD Compliance: I comply with all airframe, engine, propeller, and component (carb, mags, air filter, ELT, etc.) AD's ensuring your aircraft is safe and legal. The cost for this will vary depending on the specific circumstances.


Most shops charge extra for complying with each of your one-time and repetitive AD's, but I include as many of the smaller ones as possible in my flat rate. For example, there is no additional charge to comply with the inspection portion of Cessna's seat rail AD, it is included my flat rate. On the other hand Cessna's rudder inspection AD requires a significant amount of time and will be billed at a flat rate (I will give you a quote prior to doing any AD work!)

-Prop Dressing: I will address minor nicks in your prop as necessary, free of charge.

-Professional Logbook Entries: All logbook entries are typed and printed in a legible format. No smudged and unreadable chicken scratch that casts doubt about the quality of work you've had done to your plane!

Logbook entries conform to CFR 91.417. There are no bogus "all AD's complied with" entries,  "all systems checked" or "insp IAW MM" from me. Each logbook entry includes a description of work performed, the approved data used, and when the work must be performed next. Quality logbook entries actually enhance the value of your aircraft and protect you in the event of accidents.


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