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-Detailed Annuals performed using manufacturer's checklist- No Pencil Whipping!
-Expert Pre-Buys - We've done hundreds of pre-buys over the last ten years in dozens of states. We know what we're doing! 
-CorrosionX Treatments - From Prop to tail and everything in between! Full airframe and engine coverage. Inexpensive protection against your biggest enemy!
-Aircraft Weighing - How much does your plane really weigh? What is your actual useful load? How old is your "current" weight and balance form? The FAA only requires weight changes above a half pound to be documented. That means you can have decades worth of minimal alterations that collectively add up to big weight changes! Avionics, aftermarket batteries or engine components, and even dirt and grime can change the CG of your aircraft.  I'll weigh your aircraft on calibrated scales so there's no more guessing and you know exactly what your plane weighs, what your current useful load is, and provide you with an accurate CG, moment, and arm
-Dynamic Propeller Balancing - Reduce cabin vibration (and pilot/passenger fatigue). Reduce stress on your propeller, engine components, and expensive avionics with a simple procedure performed in only a few hours. A dynamically balanced propeller can lower maintenance costs and even make your avionics easier to read in flight! Read more from AOPA here.
-ROTAX Certified - Yes! We can change your oil and perform service on your ROTAX engine. See our listing on the RFSC website
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