-Pre-Buy Inspections are $750 and include engine borescoping, a detailed

 discrepancy report with digital photos, extensive AD compliance research,

and oil analysis test (please wait 7 business days for test results from lab.)

     (I perform Pre-Buy's in all 50 states!  Click here for travel pricing details.)

(Click here and here for sample Pre-Buy Reports)

-Logbook Reviews are $150 (in lieu of a complete Pre-Buy. Discover major issues 

-Hourly Rate is $75

 and bogus maintenance entries before you waste your time.) Includes $75 

 credit applied to the cost of a complete Pre-Buy if you decide to move forward.

-Comprehensive Annuals on most modern fixed gear planes are $1450  

 (Annuals on vintage taildraggers start at $1000)

-CorrosionX Applications are $450 for prop-to-tail treatment. Price includes

 material and I come to your hangar! Spot treatments (e.g. wings, belly) available.

-Dynamic Prop Balancing is $400

-Ferry Permits start at $150

-Minimum Service Call is $125

-Hourly Rate is $85